October 2012

Inspiration – Water Light Graffiti

Having been a part of doing a digital “graffiti” wall in an earlier project for the Liberty Science Center, this new form of a digital “graffiti” wall that uses water is a new source of inspiration.  This is the Water Light Graffiti system


Check out the video

This project was project done under the Digitalarti Artlab by the artist Antonin Fourneau in Paris.  This graffiti wall uses a large wall of LEDs that are activated by moisture sensitive sensors. Participants can use a variety of tools to participate. We love the way this could add a bit of art/digital to water spaces in museums and science centers.

Part of the Wayne LaBar, ALCHEMY studio inspiration set at the ASTC session “Design Inspiration” being presented Tuesday.

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Kayseri Press

Here are some August press links concerning the work ALCHEMY studio has been doing for the Kayseri Science Center. Currently we are providing a thorough architectural review to ensure that the planned facility meets the needs of both visitors and the exhibits. Work also included recommendations for operations and exhibition locations.

Article 1

Article 2

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