ALCHEMY studio holds several key development and design tenets that are the underpinnings of the work we do for all of our clients. These drive the ideas that we create and imagine, but also the process by which we work with our partners and clients.

              This is the DNA that can be found in our                experiences and our work.


We believe in experiences that  are iconic and engage visitors by connecting to their interests and emotions. This can be enhanced if an experience connects to the local region, relates to timely content, or addresses evocative and social issues.


We work to develop and design experiences that are visually and tactilely striking and engrossing. This includes work that reflects and expresses modernity, matches design with content, and evokes emotion without sacrificing usability for all. 


We build upon our experience as museum staff members and managers to be aware and understand the dreams as well as the realities of our clients. Equally we know that to succeed we must also research, listen and observe what the visitors are saying to us.


We strive to push our field and our abilities by attempting to innovate as we work with our clients to meet their needs. By both failure and success our team and your institution will not only succeed but also learn.


We look to combine and blend team members, space, experience, process and content to have the journey we take be unique. Our result transmutes an experience for us, our partners and their visitors that is more than the sum of their parts.