ALCHEMY studio is comprised of passionate and driven individuals who partner together to serve the informal learning field and are ardent about what we do. We feel it’s important to let you know what we believe as a set of values, what we feel is important, and what we try to do through our work and through the products of our work.

“…leadership must be rooted in who you are and what matters most to you.”

Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr., professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management


These values shape our business, our approach, our resources and the strategies we employ. We relish discussing these with you and seeing what we can do together.

What matters most to ALCHEMY studio

  • To be open to different perspectives and multiple viewpoints, to approach subjects with an open mind
  • To help people learn in this increasingly complex world with a goal to support people acting intelligently and compassionately
  • To act with humility, remembering the road we have traveled and respecting that everyone brings value to our lives
  • To do projects and spend time in ways that will make the world a better place – in particular to aid global effort to make our society more environmentally and culturally sustainable
  • To foster learning and fun amongst ourselves and those with whom we work, to foster personal development and to work collegially
  • To remember that everything we do or create is interconnected, to think about the systems we inhabit and impact
  • To be self-aware and know what we do well and know where we can improve, to know when to partner with others and when to allow others to take the lead
  • To do work that is significant and adds meaning to people’s lives, to make peoples lives richer and deeper