Skyscraper! Achievement & Impact

  • Client: Liberty Science Center
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • Completion Date: July 2007
  • Area: 12,800 sq. ft.

Skyscraper! Achievement & Impact is the world largest and tallest exhibition on these engineering marvels. Through exhibits of real things and real processes, this iconic experience presents the science, technology, engineering and math behind these amazing buildings. Skyscraper! won the 2010 Themed Entertainment Award for science center exhibits and was praised by the Thea Awards Committee “as interactive, multi-disciplinary, informative, immersive, budget conscious, and inspirational.”

The exhibition covers architecture, engineering construction and the impact skyscrapers have on the environment and our culture. Highlights include the opportunity to “walk the steel” fourteen feet above the ground with no net, experience 100 mph wind and rain in a curtain wall test chamber, use a research-grade wind tunnel to test building response to wind, and contemplate twisted pieces of structural steel from the Word Trade Center towers


Photo credits: Antony Morales