Konya Science Center – Final Design/Implementation


  • Complete concept design for science center link
  • Oversight of detailed design, fabrication and installation
  • First major science center in Turkey

The Konya Science Center marks Turkey’s first truly large-scale interactive informal learning  experience. As it is the first institution completed under the science center intuitive being led by Turkey’s national science research organization, TUBITAK, it is intended to be a model for other municipalities in the country that will be engaged in developing science centers.

The science center offers an exhibition experience covering a comprehensive suite of subjects that spans from the ancient settlers of Catalhoyuk in the region to the limits of the galaxy. Visitors are immersed in the natural history of the Konya region and Turkey itself, the human body, science principles, new technologies, space and the universe, the history, industry and trade that is emblematic of the Konya region and a space for young learners.